The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

Region:  North Western Ohio, North Central Ohio, North Eastern Ohio and North Western Pennsylvania.

Date:  Friday, June 23 2017

Deck:  The Hermetic

Cards Drawn:  10 of Wands (inverse) and the 7 of Wands (inverse)

Forecast:  Wands I associate with heat (Wands or Staves, South, Fire) but these are both inverted.  I’m not getting much of an impression except that tomorrow the day time highs in the region mentioned might get up into the mid to upper 80s (83 – 87) and that this temperature is directly related to cloud cover.  The fewer clouds the higher the temperature.  Lows again depending on how long the clouds linger may get as low as mid 60s over night (60 – 63).  The wands inverted signal  a cooling trend in the days to come I think where temps might linger around or just above seasonal daily averages or slightly higher (73 – 77).  I also don’t have any sense of wet weather, these two cards don’t leave me with any real feeling that way.  If winds switch around to the north or generally northerly direction over the day tomorrow and a seriously cooler drier air mass moves through the area and finally the region experiences some heating (83 – 85) before the air mass in question approaches then I would say yes, wet weather.  The drier and cooler the interloping air mass is compared to the current air mass the greater the probability of severe weather.  As I see it now I think the odds of severe weather are extremely low except for the possibility of flooding.

Other wise it looks like a round a very summery sweet weather is on its way.

Listen to your Muses and have a better than average day.

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