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Are the Illuminate out to get ya?

The Illuminati, The illuminated ones, the enlightened ones, just who exactly are they?  I’ve heard many experts describe them as, Grey Aliens from Beta Reticuli (Probably mispelled), Shape shifting Reptilians from the constellation of Draco, Sneaky and exotic Nordics from ther Peliadies, over sexed skirt chaseing fallen angels,  A long continuious bloodline of bankers whose trace their lineage to Babylon or more mundane entities like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri Lateral commision, the Ford foundation, the Rockefeller foundation, the Bilderburgers (Also most likely misspelled), the Bohemian Grove, maybe even the Blue List or possibly the Newport Socail Registry.

Let’s start easily with all those extra-terrestrials, Why would they be so interested in us?  Could it be that they tag and violate us sexually for the same reasons we tag and violate wild animals?  That they are simply scientifically studying some lower order life form so as to better understand its behaviors, migrations and mating habits?  It has seemed to me, whether you thump the bible or swear your heart to science, that in this case, you share a particular point of view.  That humanity is the greatest thing the universe has ever seen there for we must be dominated by nefarious alien cultures or protected by the benign galatic entities.  Tsk, tsk, tsk, when will we ever get over ourselves?  Of course it could be that this pleathora of aliens visit earth because it the most happening party place in the local galatic region, sort of the Banai of this arm of the milkyway where anything goes.  Much like slumming in the broken down red light districts as so many of our own affluent like to do.  Simply, I don’t believe that any alien is interested in global domination, they have much cooler things to do.

What about those skirt chasing big dicked fallen angels, Demons as so many are liking to call them which is of course not accurate.  Devils would be the more correct christain term.  You can hiss and fume and that’s good, but in my mind and experience these princes of the great dark truly only reside in one place, the human heart.  Simple silver tongued lawyer trained tempters that have only as much power over us as we give them.  A problem? definately, but global domination is beyond their means without agreeable humans and in the end it is humans who rule.

What about those four thousand year old blood lines everybody is so worried about?  How many banking families (Banksters) were there? 100? 1000?  We’ll just leave china and india out of these ancient calculations, I mean, after all they were simply mud peaseants.  That should make everyone more comfortable.  So 1000 families it is and they have been interbreeding for four thousand years.  Can any one say massive birthdefects?  After all they can’t let any of us ordinary people breed in, they might lose their membership to the world domination country club.  Hmmmm.

All of these previous examples have one thing, one thread in common. Simply put (I know my illustrations up to this point may seem a bit off center) they represent the illuminati as being something other than human.  This is important because it implies the mass of humanity is incapabale of plotting the horrors that the illuminati supposedly are planning.  Its always easier to see someone else as evil than ourselves, depending on how we define ourselves.  I, personally, believe that this force referred to as the illuminati are composed or constructed of our fellow humans and that they are based here in our homeland, The United States of America.

Countries Have two principal systems from which, at the center of power, all things are managed.  The first is a governing systen such as a dictatorship, constitutional monarchy, plain old monarchy, palimentary democracy or democratic republic.  There are others but they escape me at this moment.  We the people live under a democratic republic or representative democracy which means we elect representatives, congress people or senators and they make our descisions for us.  This institution was created because it was believed that the common working people, be they white or blue collar and the poor weren’t smart enough to make decisions for themselves.  Sometimes I think that the only reason for secrecy at the national level (National security) is too guarentee we don’t know enough to make legislative decisions for ourselves.  Real power is when an individual can create a state were their job is assurred.  I don’t believe that our elected officals are either bad or good but that they are as varied as we are and for the most part self interested.

The second system used to manage our countries day to day affairs is economic.  Economic systems also vary from communism, socialism, capitalism to subsistance or barter.  We live in a capitalist economic model.  Capitalism tries to create an enviornment for the purpose of unfettered acquistion and retention of wealth.  This enviornment is cultivated through deregulation (The elimination of all laws that affect those either aquiring or maintaining wealth) and the elimination of all taxes especailly on the richest of us.  I  love the capitalist system and hope one day to get my chance to spin the wheel or toss the dice.  I bring this up because so many people I meet don’t uderrstand the systen in which they live.  I often hear from my blue collar friends this statement, “I have the right to make as much money as I can and I don’t feel that there is anything wrong with that.”  What they don’t understand is that 7.25 dollars an hour is all that most can ever make.  There is only so much money in the system and if the top 2% controll 90% of it, then that doesn’t leave much for the rest of us, does it?

Take a good look at the panic of 1893 and 1897 much like the economic and legal atmosphere of today because that was the time the Rockefeller name rose to prominience.  The 2% that own 90% of the world want to keep it, hell they want more.  I know that if I were them I would.  The representatives of these wealthy individuals get together once and a while to compare notes.  They like these meetings to be private, they don’t want to draw attention to themselves and the rest of us just can’t stand it.  What kind of evil plots are their dark. malavolent minds cooking up now?  Posioning the planet? Elimination of 75% of the worlds population, Genetically modifying the food supply to cause us poor unsuspecting slobs to change into so sort of a mutant or some other  terrible conspiracy, not to imply that conspiracies don’t happen but , I mean come on,  These guys can’t move with out the entire planet knowing about it.  Their not very slick and seem almost stumbled toed.  I know we like to think that nobody knew anything about these groups until the advent of the internet but that just isn’t true, My mother learned about it in the very early sixties.  In the past we had to work to find these things out, now we get them spoon fed to us, not a good sign.

Lets use the same stick measure and compare the reactions.  If my family were to get together, my brothers, nieces. nephews, sisters in law, wife and step son and say plan to take a camping trip to a nude resort, should the alternative media swoop down and stalk us?  I know, its sounds stupid, what threat does a bunch of poor butt back wards hillbillies represent?  What if we got together to play a war game, the old board game variety, like Squad Leader or Third Reich?  Does that make us a threat?  I remember that for a short while after the Columbine incident it did, if we would have been highschool age.  Now we are all older and the only thing in danger in our household is the potato chip supply.  What if we got together to form a new political party, third party of course, what kind of reaction would that get?  Remember the buttbackward dumbass statement made earlier?  Not even the local press would be interested in uncovering whatever conspritorial possiblities could lie hiding, waiting behind our innocent faces and the alternative media couldn’t careless.  How about if we were gathering to form a militia group….Oops!  That one akways set off alarm bells.  So I guess in order for evil world domination to take place the group in question must have either guns or money.

I do blather so.

By why should these wealthy individuals feel the need to hide in the first place.  There are all sorts of nasty and frightening quotes on the internet so obviously these individuals don’t have a lot of talent when it comes to secrecy.  Could it be that they are scared of us or might it be that they are trying to scare us?  My mother couldn’t stand to play cards with my father.  He was a pyschological player she would say.  It could probably be traced all the way back to the days when he played football in college.  Back then they didn’t wear face masks so if you could bluff a player of his game then you could avoid getting your nose broken.  All we have to do is remember the french revolution and the russian revoloutuion to understand what happens to the extremely wealthly when the masses get worked up enough.  Simply put, their parts get separated.  The illuminated ones remember this even if you don’t, that’s why they are more afraid of you then you are of them, unless they can psyc you out.

Then their is rule number two, rich people like being rich, it is important to them and that’s the second thing they will protect.  So before you begin loading up the shot gun and sharping your kitchen knife you might want to take a good look at American History, particulartly the thirties.  We, Americans, are a simpke people and our immdiate response is to start shooting which is exactly why we are in the fix we are today.  We need to think outside the box.  Until now we have been told who to vote for and had our choices limited and we have agreed to this at least subconciously.  In the thirties, 1930s that is, things got so bad that there was a major shift under way with in the electorate.  Just look through any almanac that covers political data and note the numbers of independents in the house and the senetate.  If the vote goes against the twinned parties they must give and if they do not then they really have a situation with armed unrest.  The representatives of the wealthy will compromise if forced to and not a single weapon need be discharged in anger.

Its easy, just vote third party, any third party, make up your own third party, do write in campaign and tell everyone else the same.  Some will tell you that voting their concious is a wasted vote.  For them its more important to be part of the winning team then to affect change.  Don’t argue or raise your voice, just smile, as after all they are as much of the problem as the horny skirt chasing fallen angels.