Shaman4664  aka  Iba Pyba

Born: July 9th  1964 in Sandusky Ohio of German and Scotch/Irish ancsetory.

Who Am I? Well, that’s only slightly interesting.  I am Meta Sandusky’s Husband.  We’ve been married since july 1st 1993 and as far as I know intend to stay married.  Meta is a local historian.  She is rather old school and by that I mean, she rarily uses the internet, likes her smoke and her rock and roll unadulterated.  These aren’t the names we were born with which is probably obvious, but the names we choose for ourselves.

What I am is probably more interesting.  I should have been dead at the age of 10, diptheria, but somehow managed to survive.  My mother was aware of this, she was a nurse and well liked, at the hospital my father took me to that night.  It was 3 AM and the old man did three hundred dollars damage to the emergency room door trying to get in,as it was locked.  I was able to gleen that I went without taking a single breath for somewhere between 6 and 10 minutes.  You see my mom was getting updates from her fellow nurses every minute or so.  She said that night she prayed to God, Jesus, Mary and every Saint she could think of and at one point tried to make a deal with the Devil that I would survive. I was raised Catholic.   Needless to say the fact that I did survive sort of unhinged her abit but then that would be par for the course.  Mom died back in 1988 while my brother’s were still in college.  The old man passed just a few weeks past his 75th birthday 2010.  I guess they were part of the reason that when I had the means I bought a computer and jumped on the net.

Things less depressing, I majored in college in physics and chemistry and took an interest in many subjects especially the occult, mysticism, a general overview of all things new age and the paranormal in the broadest sense.  I was kicked out of college my senior year which I chalked up to poor time management and poor choice of majors.  Physics,chemistry and math demanded a great deal of time and although I was attractted to them I should have paid attention to what I did with my free time which was, primarily, write, research and experiement (not with drugs).  It was in 1989, after my mother’s passing that I discovered, much to my surprise, that I was a schizophrenic.  Imagine that, a mystical wizard that is also schizophrenic.  I remember the shrink asking me if I believed I had any special powers.  If your not laughing I certainly was, Oh well.  That was the end of my paying job days and because I had always worked minumum wage my disability was small.  This took a great deal of adapting to, learning to cope and understanding the world I live in.

I’ve haven’t been hospitized for mental illness, though I was for kidney failure due to untreated hypertension.  It was practically impossible to find a doctor that took medicare at that time.  I should keep this short for now.

I spent a few months on dialysis and then much to my surprise, somehow, I regained some kidney function and got out of the chronic clinic.  Most people don’t believe it so I don’t expect you to.  As a point of interest, my nephrologist, who was my kidney doctor at the time has a hard time believing it but that was over seven years ago.  A doctor deals with a great deal in a day so its easy for time to gobble those memories.

I’ve been writting since I was fourteen.  I’ve been watching, listening and thinking, trying to understand the human condition or some element there of and I decided that if agents or publishers aren’t interested in my work, as of yet, that I would throw some thoughts out into the great electronic aether and see what happened.


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