Monthly Archives: March 2013


Hello out there to all you brave souls sallying forth into the E-universe.  I know its been a while since my last post and I wanted to apologize for that.  That damnable chest, throat, head, sinus and ear infection thing really hung up both Meta and I this whole month.  I was fighting it off and on through January and then again in  mid February but the bug just wouldn’t give up.  It was like trying to think through mud, everything slowed down and just our general household routine (What there is of it) became difficult to keep up with.  Along with the cold/flu symptoms was this overwhelming sense of exhaustion.  I think I might have finally beat this thing off but Meta is still fighting with it.  One of the things I take away from this experience is an awesome respect for everyday regular people,  I can’t honestly imagine how you folks stay on top of everything you have to get done every day.  Even with something as ridiculous and a sinus/ear infection.  As far as all those out there who maybe suffering with this weird flu/cold thing Meta and I are keeping thought space available to pray or whatever you want to call it so that you may be well.  Every little bit helps right?

The visionary forecast for 2013 is still coming and I hope to have it posted before the end of March, I know its late, but wish me the best any way.  May your spring be bright and full of hope.

As always,

Walk in blessing this and everyday.