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MeTa’s Mumblings : a PRoCLamaTioN

WHaT iS iN mY  NaME ????

a feW  weeKs  after   biRTH<  mY PRimary-identifying-naMe  was  aSCRibed  affiXed and aTTACHed…

iT is a reallY niCe-lovely-lady-sort-oF naME.    iT dosN’T-RESonaTE-WiTh  “the-mE-I-aM”

I liVed in my GRanDPareNTs  houSe     with GRAnDFaTher  and UNCles  so-PRouD-of-FAMilY-NamE

LEarNing  tO wRITe mY NaME  beFOre  goinG-tO-ScHooL

— I wAS  sad to find haVinG an-absent-faTHeR’s LAst-NaME   and NOt thaT oF my GRanDPARenTs

a floWER-GiRl in their-weddING  CERTainLY gaVe me-the-riGHT to haVe  My-DAD’s LAst naME  TOO !!

THe adoPTion  to-make-leGaL  followed

a wedding of-my-own    New-naME

tHE DIVorCE –  I  left-his-name  +  took-on-my-SOns’     =       same last-name

WEnt to coLLEgE –  Got  AWards  &  DeGree   in saMe  LaST-Name

ConSiDeR  :  NeW  first name = (sound< feminine) + (written>masqulin)

mY moTHeR  gives  Quinn   (to use  w/ saMe LasT-Name )


my-bR Ake- doWN–wriTiNG-MaSTEr’s-teSIS—lAst-name

AN-InTeresTiNG-CoLLeGe-friEND < becOMES   LoVeR <beCoMeS  liVe-IN <becomes  helP-MaTE<

< BECoMes   HuSBAND  :  MY perfect  life’s-traVeling-comPaniON     =     NEW-LAST-NaME

NOt one name here   REPResenTed    the-mE-that-is–I-aM

THen  deFunKeD  and  baffLED –  I hanD-MaKe  jeWELRy    NEEd a NaMe to marKET UNDer

I   asKED THE SPirTs  to-giVe-mE   a fIRSt – naME To woRk  undER

I USEd  my  colleGe – pocKEt – dicTioNARy         the pages-fluttered      MY FiNGeR – foUND  the spot

” META ”  :  the  deFFINitions  fiT-the-me-insiDE   :  I HAd my-fiRST -NaMe :   My-PHeoniX-soRt-of-nAMe

a-LaSt- naMe ???   diD I NEed onE ? ?  Did  I  WANt  oNe ???             ALWays-in-thE-BACk-of-mY-miND -d   eVeN if I chooSE  a-LasT-NAme   from  anY of the women  in MY-Mother’S liNE      it wouLD-still be a patriaRCHaL namE    A NAMe thaT SHoweD  OwneRSHIP!!!!!!       I’D  haVE  NOnE  oF  THaT  !!!!! !!!!! ! ! ! !!    STiLL  ,,,,   I  WaNTEd   my  naMe   to be connected to aLL the people that had come before me and influenced  the way-I-greW-UP – and – WHAt I LeARNed   …..

After  decades –  I came  to  choose  the name of the CiTY  where  both-sides-of-mY-mOTHeR’s  family came to settle  in the 1850’s,  and OuR lines have remained.    It is also the name of the BaY we  sit beside & have wandered.      THis  I TaKe  as  ‘mY’  adult – name.

MeTa  Quinne  Sandusky


Got to say, this cold, if that is what it is just doesn’t want to let up.  The symptoms are clearing, I can breathe through my nose for example.  My head feels almost normal rather than filled with mud.  Don’t get me wrong, I could have been, have been, a lot sicker so I’m not complaining.

I finally had a decent day writing, not remarkable mind you, but decent.  That means that if I can show up tomorrow again I may be able to build some momentum,  I don’t like to sit on a story, especially fiction.  I find the more I dwell on it or that the process of thinking on it to excess sort of beats the life out of it.  It becomes sterile and lifeless, at least to me.  Then the process becomes a real chore.  I my experience though at some point any work of any serious length at some moment during the writing process, usually the rough, becomes a chore.  The inclination at that point is to leave it, hoping to come back to it some other time and that rarely happens.  Starting the work is easy, finishing it takes determination, much like pounding your head against a brick wall.  But, when it is finished, in the truest sense, when you have taken it as far as you can and that voice in the back of your mind begins to tell you its finished there is no feeling quite like that.  It is a thing I cannot describe adequately except it feels good to the better power.

Just wanted to let the world know I’m still kicking.  Hope you are at least as well.  Look for my forecast for the year 2013 in the next following days.

Be Blessed


Well, its a new year.  I have to say that solstice was pleasant and tiring.  There were a few memebers of my family, new and old and we kept it simple but I still can’t get over how tiring it was.  Or how tired I was.  I’d like to think that it was because of my very low kidney function, but some many others have been saying the same thing.  So I have no idea what to make of it.  If you found yourself unusually tired this season feel free to leave a comment on it.  I’m curios if its just me or my imagination.

Another dear friend that we have not seen in some time stopped by and we shared space for a while.  She would be Susann, a poet and writer whose advice I appreciate, even when I resist and is always something of a comfort.  Unfortunately she entered, what my father would have called a sick house.  Step son A who shall remain nameless because of his incredible levels of paranoia came home one even sick with something that pretty much laid him out.  He doesn’t have access to medical care , lack of funds, so her resorted to over the counter cough and cold medicines.  I assume that this is what he had.  It would only be a couple days later that I would find myself with some kind of a chest cold.  It vaguely resembled bronchitis.  This would have been on the evening of the third, they day Susann had stopped by.  I certainly hope I did not pass it to her.  The bronchitis part last about 36 hours and pass through the throat, standard sore throat bordering on laryngitis and by the sixth it was entirely in my head.  All in all it could have been much worse, basically it made me feel miserable and messed with my ability to concentrate.  I did nothing more than force fluids.  Today I still have a touch of it but I am thinking it is on its way out.  Would some one out there knock on wood for me, please?

Meta now is seem ing like she might be wanting to come down with it.  we will see how she is feeling tomorrow.

I’ve been hearing rumors about something like this or some variation of a flu being passed around.  If you’ve been hearing the same, well I guess you can add this to your anecdotal evidence file.

It really has had a damping effect on my writing.  I think that is the most disappointing part of it.

Have a good new year any how, take it any way you can get it and by all means enjoy!