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Understanding Power Part III

Before I begin and as I have stated before I believe that every human being has the right to self defense.  This in no way includes the right to preemptive self defense.  Preemption is the idea that some one or some thing represents a threat to you, or may at some later date possess the means to be a threat to you there fore you will attack first as a form of self defense.  The best defense is a good offense is how the quote goes but I can’t remember whom to attribute it to.  I see this argument as a pretense for aggression and nothing else.

This portion of this hopeless ramble of bullshit deals with great power.  Great power, for the sake of this discussion is defined by the ability to protect force in a transnational sense.  Force here is defined as the ability to influence another nations attitudes in a profound manner so force could be military (The simplest and easiest to understand), economic or through political/cultural influence.

In this world of great powers not all are equal so first you have are great nations which have the ability to project power along one or maybe two of the previously listed metrics into a transnational space that might be referred to as a sphere of influence.  The greatest of these, called a Super power, can project power along all metrics across the globe which is not, in my limited experience, referred to as a sphere of influence.

It had been in my examination of these systems here in my own country, the United States of America that I began to  notice something quite peculiar.  These great systems or structures, be they government, corporate or religious often behaved in ways that seemed contrary to their rhetoric, advertising and or philosophy/theology.  I must admit I found this quite vexing especially when taking in consideration along with the whistle blower phenomena.

I realized, through sort of a visual model, that these huge systems where much like human bodies.  If you see the base living component of the human body as the cell which bears little actual resemblance to the body as a whole and realized that there was a parallel in these systems, the individual human which also bore little resemblance to the whole system be it government, corporate or religious sort of created an odd space in my thinking.  The cells that compose the lungs are different from those that compose the muscles or the brain just like the people, their background and education, even their attitudes vary whether they are the FBI, CIA, HUD, the Executive or even the Legislative and so on.  But this isn’t how these systems are generally depicted, they are illustrated as a face, a person, like the leader of the government.  When we think of out government or a religion or a corporation what do we see in our minds eye.  I know what I see in mine and I now what we are shown on television and the web, the face of a single person, male or female.  We do not see all the human beings who make up the systems just like when we see a person, we see their face, maybe their arms and legs and the clothes they might be wearing but not all the cells that make up their body.

This struck me with a strange fascination, I mean was it possible to draw a parallel between a single living human entity and a complex social system?  I immediately saw, see, one commonality at least symbolically.  A Human’s body runs on blood like a car runs on gasoline.  Though the processes are chemically different they are effectively similar.  So our blood feeds our muscles, all the cells of our body with oxygen and other nutrients that allow us to function, to move to work or go about our day yes even to be happy.  A system has a circulatory system as well but this system is powered by currency, cash.  It could be powered on some other system of trade like barter but this effectively stunts a systems ability to project power plus in inflicts an odd lethargy upon the system in question.  So a system, that is capable of projecting power, like our government, a religion or a corporation has cash coursing through its veins.  It is these massive systems that oversee or manage the larger mass of people that live with in and about the base and compose the geography of the system.  There is a relationship between the human geography and the system that manages it known as the social contract.  The social contract can mean many things and we will skip it now and simply leave it as the arrangement between the governed and the governing.  A good fair contract benefits all parties involved but as one studies the behavior of these large systems over time (History) at some point there is a shift in social policy which is reflected in the aforementioned contract.  It is during these critical shifts in the underlying philosophy that tension begins or magnifies between the system and the human geography it manages.

Remember that notion of simple power I referred to as the hand gun or the fire arm or even the assault rifle?  It should be understood that the Systems has weapons of its own but not like a poor man or woman’s lone rifle.  The systems weapons include the military, army, navy, marines and air force along with federal, state and local law enforcement as well as various intelligence agencies and to some considerable degree the mass media.  The question that one has to ask one’s self is why does the system need all this power?  Its is a simple answer really, like you, the system wants to survive, it possesses and instinct to survive just like you and I.

The first thing that needs to be understood when a systems goes awry is why.  Problem number one, and this is an important problem, corruption.  This form or corruption should not be thought of as rot, at least not in the early stages.  Instead it should be though of more like hardening of the arteries or a narrowing of the flow of cash to a key regions or organs of the system.  IT is the preferential allocation of cash based on a personal bias that leads to problems with in the system.  Suddenly individual organs inside the system find themselves struggling with one another in order to stay healthy.  This struggle is most clearly understood through the rhetoric of the various representatives and parties involved.  This type of corruption can lead to an imbalance that if not properly addressed can lead to rot in the system proper.  This type of corruption begins with a simple shift in philosophy lets say from a land that is free for all or all people a equally free to a philosophy where some are more free than others.  If the system started in a place that lacked an equity between people that the system it self stated as god given,. for example, them it begins in a hole of corruption which makes the on set of real rot harder to resist.  The second thing to understand, al least as far as I can tell, is inertia.  A system is like any other body in space, it resists change in state.  The longer, farther and faster it heads in a particular direction the harder and harder it is to institute any change in the systems state.

To fully understand the situation the student must make the effort to separate the advertising about the system and try to grasp what the original intentions of the builders of the system where and this my friends is far more difficult that it sounds, but, if insight can be gained then it may become clear how to change the course, the path of the system, to change its state, with a simple efficient application of a minimum amount of force.

Its worth a try, anything is better than armed conflict.