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Web Psyche

Standing in the crushing cold pitch

lightless night in grey soles


cool air breezes past the unguarded ear


thousands of voices indistinct

a thunder haunting with faint meaning

The pressure of a million eyes

unseen peering into ones hidden thoughts

I have to ask

about the soothing subtle nature of being human

something binds us in the ties and chains of the moment

lost in a sea of unknowing

we understand violence

cold fear, hate and rage

Love is nothing more than a sales pitch

We have the power of gods of a lesser sort

Like a child holding a gun on a playground

with more bullets than it can carry

we have armies, jet bombers and war heads


carrying death in our hands

The subtle ties talking darkly

or lightly

do we have to choose

between the piece

and the puzzle

can we not find another option

in the end it doesn’t matter

might still makes right

and on occasion

mutual back scratching may be involved

I hope the atheists are right

that there is no here after

imagine the surprise

when consequences exist for us all

as right and wrong supercede

legal and illegal

I don’t think any one will find it funny



My mind’s wandering wondering eye

Find’s its attention fixed

on dusty archives of life’s long lived lies

Memories’ faded photographs

tales, legends and lore as nothing is ever quite as it seems

countless voices like an over crowded aviary

clutter your thoughts

grandmother, father

grandfather, mother

brothers, sisters, friends and others

viewed through the warped lens of the moment

the foreshadowing of youth’s promised failures

you cannot know then what you know now

you can’t go home

you must make home where you are

find your place in the sun

or the moon

what ever that means

The Internet Tarot Weather Dude’s Alien (ET) Invasion Forecast

Region:  Global

Date(s):  Sunday October 1, 2017 to Monday, New years day,  2018

Tarot Deck Used:  Hermetic

Cards Drawn: The Last Judgement ( 20 Major Arcana, inverse), 5 of Swords,  6 of Cups (inverse),  4 of Wands,  The Lovers (6 Major Arcana, inverse) and The King of Pentacles (inverse)

At first glance one might think that this would be a big yes as far as an Alien Invasion goes.  There is though a particular card I am looking for to arrive in the obverse position and I have yet to see it.  What I do pull from this reading is a bumpy October so expect an up tick in sightings especially in areas that are under stress.  Forms of stress can be economic, ecological or military.

On the other hand November should be generally pleasant with fewer than normal;l sightings.  Any encounters during this month could very well be of a more positive type, at least as far as the Alien encounters department.

Don’t forget to keep your photographic equipment, ie. cell phones handy as you might have an opportunity to catch a decent photograph, if you are into that kind of thing.

By the way, try to get the object in focus and if possible keep some earth bound object in the frame for the sake of scale and always remember, don’t freak out.

Happy hunting and,

Have a better than average day.