Romantic Outlook for The House of Cancer

This is a new one for the Tarot and I, I am not sure how this will work, but then every one loves romance so what the hey, right?

First we start with a two card draw to get a sense of what the romantic arena looks like for Cancer over the next roughly 30 days.

Deck:  Hermetic

Sign Cancer.

Cards Drawn: Princess of Wands (inverse) and 4 of Swords (inverse)

I am a Cancer, just for the record.  What can I say, I think it is a mixed bag romance wise for Cancer over the next 30n days.  The Princess of Wands is a key card and she looks unfriendly.  Wands are fire signs and that includes, Leo, Aries and Sagittarius.

If it sounds like shit it probably is.

During this 30 day period Cancers should remain wary of these individuals.  Generally It is possible to find a new friend or potential romantic liaison but the intellect is adverse to such relations at this time.  It could be a time to find new social relations through clubs, community organizations or even volunteering.  This Summer is not the Summer for Cancer, think minefield.

Other Water Signs:  Pisces and Scorpio

Cards Drawn:  The Emperor (4 of Major Arcana) and The Princess of Cups (inverse)

If sex is all you want then this is a good time for the other water signs to make their move.  The Inverted Princess of Cups is a warning to any one seeking a mature emotionally satisfying relationship.  The timing for such things is off.  This is a meat market buffet.  Remember that when in the world looking for an others company, if you expect a physical relationship then you won’t be disappointed but if you want more then this is not the time.

All Other Signs

Cards Drawn:  The Devil (15 Major Arcana, inverse) and 3 of Wands

Okay, this might sound a bit weird.  Generally, in my experience, the Devil card largely signifies that just because a thing or and act is unnatural doesn’t mean that it is evil.  But in this case the Devil is inverted and that kind of throws me.  The three of wands is close to the root of the spirit and of fire, think sexual heat.  The idea that two are perfectly matched in form and spirit and have little of no regard for the sexual norms of whatever region they may inhabit.  As I think about it, I am forced to ask the reader a question, do you want to take a walk on the wild side?  If not then stay home, in the shadows and out of sight as much as possible.  If yes, then get out and meet people.  If you are willing to suspend judgement and let animal attraction be your guide you might find these 30 days far more entertaining than any Hollywood movie.

As always, listen to your Muse and have a better than average day.

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