Clarification: The Fall of the Age of Empires

Globalism, Love it, Hate it, don’t have any idea what its all about, where ever you fit, it’s here to stay.
Many view Globalism as a direct threat to national sovreinity others as an intense conspiracy to enslave the entire population under the dictatorial rule of a few elites. Illuminati, Reptilians, Insectoids from the planet Remulack, the mysterious inhabitants of the Blue list…Not to be confused with the independent traveler. Everything gets so muddy when there is so little clear information available, and there are reasons for that as mundane as they maybe.

First what exactly is Globalism? First we need to look back to a African Colonial of English Descent by the name of Rhodes, John Cecil Rhodes to be exact. The founder of the colony that use to bear his name, Rhodesia. You can look him up in any self respecting dictionary if your not in the mood to google him. In my beaten old dictionary they call him a statesman but really he was an industrialist with interests principally in mining. Gold, Diamonds and South Africa, if that chain of word doesn’t invoke less than pleasant images in your minds eye than your education is sorely lacking. Rhodes, that’s John Cecil, whether you loved him or hated him, either then or now was a surprisingly influential man. His legacy was the Rhodes Scholarship so that future captains of industry, political players or any other individual with serious prospects of holding a position of influence would be able to meet each other and network. It was much easier to accomplish change on a global scale if all the players knew each other and where on speaking terms.

I can hear my friends in the realm of conspiracy starting to howl already and as conspiratorial as this may seem nothing illegal was being done. For Rhodes before all else was a business man, business before all else even God, now what self-respecting capitalist could have problems with that.  By the way, the greys and the reptilians don’t like it any more than you do.

Rhodes, Remember John Cecil, had a vision and this vision was shared by others like Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Rothschild just to name a few.  They were all making fortunes at about the same time, the 1890s.  This was a time when very little stood between a man, excuse me, a Company and profits and the idea was not only to maintain this atmosphere but to expand it,  All of this would be accomplished through legislation in the industrial world and the iron boot in the third world.  Of course this is a clear answer to the question in the first place.

So here we go:  Globalism is the movement to eliminate any barrier to the practice of business whether the barrier be the criminal code, labor laws, environmental laws,  tax laws, governments or populations.  Business is here to stay and you best get put of its way, of course there was always civil law for those of us whom could afford it.  At least that is the way it was but now this bloat rotten system of profit regardless of the human cost in starting to tetter,  But I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

The world in which Rhode existed, don’t forget, John Cecil, was much different than ours.  It took weeks if not months to ship good from africa to the United States or England.  It was a time that telephones were just starting to reach there peak but we had yet to reach national telephone networks much less global.  Flying was a thing that only a lunatic would do, in the United states this is the time of the early birds before Airmail became the industry it would be by WWII or shortly there after.  Shipping was powered by steam, mostly coal and I am uncertain exactly when diesel took over the top spot as fuel for ocean transport but it was after Rhodes Death in 1902.  As much as the early industrialists longed for a world open to be wantonly plundered by business the were limited by the technology of the time.

It was with the evolution of three things that Globalism came into adult hood, 1) Communication, 2) Transportation and 3) production.  The last piece of that puzzle was communications by way of the internet.

Before I take this any further we should put this in a place in time.  Not time with respect to a date but in time with a sense of our own progress as a nation on a planet thick with the same.  We, the United States, are one of a group of nations collectively referred to as the west.  That’s west as in Western History ergo europe and the mediterranean basin and these people’s outward progress.  In this go around the West was the first to venture into the industrial age, through it and into the post industrial period.  When trying to understand the industrial age think factory.  The startling similarity between the communist and the capitalist during this phase is that all centers around the factory.  The factory, manned by labor to produce parts and finished goods for use or simply sale.

School, students file in and out of classrooms by the signal of the bell, like the factory whistle, given their lessons in an environment that is intended to be highly structured.  This is the institution that fabricates the next generation of the tools of production, like parts of a machine.  The teachers are highly educated for the purpose of fabricating these parts.  To understand the industrial restaurant go to any fast food establishment where those who wish to eat line up in the que and wait to order their food from an assembly line.  Healthcare where doctors function like an assembly line treating one patient after another, to see this for your self check out out patient pre-op.  In the University the material must be digested and mastery obtained by a strict regime, tested again and again, non destructive, to be sure the part is ready for the giant factory.  When the part is broken it is thrown on to the trash heap…Food stamps, disability or retraining.  As the tools of the establishment, labor, organize and gain benefits such as wages, reasonable working conditions and hours, and a serious voice in the government, business begins to look for greener pastures.  This is from which we in the United States are passing.  It leads to the rise of the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) who are emerging into the industrial age.  Nations that are heavily industrial can keep their business by taking the opposite in tax policy that we have here in the United States but that is neither here nor there.  We are now a Global community, business roams looking for cheaper labor, production, resources and over head.  It is the nature of the beast, business seeks a higher income and at some point it comes down to divesting from labor.  The end result is that fewer and fewer of the population on the whole are capable of purchasing the goods that are produced.

This leads to a subsidy system.  We like to think about entitlements as a way or supporting lazy people.  the reality is that entitlements, government charity are a subsidy channeled through the parts to support the factory.  This is where we are at.  The old factory model is failing, it no longer applies to the reality in which we americans exist.  Now it applies to the BRIC nations.  Our Government, as a point of interest all governments in the west to a greater or lesser extent are subsidizing their factories.  In this hope they wish to sustain the industrial model which is failing around them.

In the beginning Government…Kings for example, existed to keep power in the hands  of a few chose by whatever god for just that task.  In time, through hardship and resistance government became an institution of and for the people.  Both to maintain order and to enforce laws for the common good,  With the rise of ADAM SMITH and capitalist, government found itself enslaved or representing, if you rather. the moneyed few.  When we think of the size of government, its tax revenues it strikes us in an intensely personal way.  Everything seems so disconnected but our government has become a channel for raise capital through taxation and delivering it to industry.  The institution, Government has become bloated with dead wood.

Government is intended to serve its people, all of its people.  When a Government adjusts to caring for a very few its perspective becomes skewed.  It generates systems for control.  It looses its interest in regulating business ans becomes a beast more interested in keeping its own population under control.  As crazy as it may sound this isn’t political really.  We the people are wandering into unknown country.

We are use to the idea of working through out or life time in a factory and having all the we need provided by a factory.  Its time to rethink.  Its time to reappraise worth, value, meaning and productivity.  We are living amidst the ruins of the factory.  The advantage is the internet for through it we can communicate.  If the government cracks down on this freedom it will hurt business as much as us.  So I say Simply, welcome to globalism, we all have a place in its realm to dwell.  Forget about suffering over the sherrade in far off washington sand start paying attention in your home town.  We need genius.  Its been with us before and maybe it is still with us and you today.

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