The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

Region:  Mid Atlantic (Delaware, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Washington D.C.)

Date(s):  Wednesday June 7, Thursday June 8 and Friday June 9, 2017

Deck:  Renaissance Tarot

Cards Drawn:  2 of Cups (or chalices),  Queen of Staves (inverse), The Lovers (6 Major Arcana), 6 of Cups (or chalices), Knight or Coins (or pentacles) and The Sun (19 Major Arcana).

Forecast:  The 2 of Cups, a card low in the suit so I’d like to think that it would be closer to a root power as opposed to a more subtle influence definitely encourages me to think of rain though I have to keep in mind that many states in this region are also coastal so those waters may be mildly unfriendly to humans.  So, think on and off rainy conditions with partly to mostly cloudy skies watch for high surf and potential rip currents along the coast.  Temperatures should be at or slightly below seasonal averages with a mild warming trend over Wednesday and Thursday winds mild and variable with off shore breezes during the day and on shore breezes at night speed averaging some where between 10 – 20 mph.  Conditions should be improving on Thursday with the rain showers becoming more isolated and skies tending towards still mostly cloudy conditions changing to partially cloudy by afternoon.  Temperatures should build to about seasonal averages with higher than normal temperatures at night especially if clouds persist.  Winds should begin to slow though still manage to maintain a pleasant 10 to 15 mph through out the day and evening.  Look for dry conditions on Friday with a general settling of the waters along the coast.  Skies should continue to clear and a warming trend may be setting up for the week end and Sunday as winds begin to shift to a sustained southerly flow.

Look forwards to a warm and sunny Saturday and if that is the case try and get out an enjoy a bit of it.

Have a better than average day.


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