Got to say, this cold, if that is what it is just doesn’t want to let up.  The symptoms are clearing, I can breathe through my nose for example.  My head feels almost normal rather than filled with mud.  Don’t get me wrong, I could have been, have been, a lot sicker so I’m not complaining.

I finally had a decent day writing, not remarkable mind you, but decent.  That means that if I can show up tomorrow again I may be able to build some momentum,  I don’t like to sit on a story, especially fiction.  I find the more I dwell on it or that the process of thinking on it to excess sort of beats the life out of it.  It becomes sterile and lifeless, at least to me.  Then the process becomes a real chore.  I my experience though at some point any work of any serious length at some moment during the writing process, usually the rough, becomes a chore.  The inclination at that point is to leave it, hoping to come back to it some other time and that rarely happens.  Starting the work is easy, finishing it takes determination, much like pounding your head against a brick wall.  But, when it is finished, in the truest sense, when you have taken it as far as you can and that voice in the back of your mind begins to tell you its finished there is no feeling quite like that.  It is a thing I cannot describe adequately except it feels good to the better power.

Just wanted to let the world know I’m still kicking.  Hope you are at least as well.  Look for my forecast for the year 2013 in the next following days.

Be Blessed

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