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The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

Well, to be honest I have had my right index finger stuck all the way up my ass for the last few days, it is just one of those things.  So I pick up the remains and continue on as thou nothing at all has been out of place.  After all every one needs a break!

Region:  North Western Ohio, North Central Ohio, North Eastern Ohio and North Western Pennsylvania.

Date(s):  Wednesday June 28 and Thursday June 29 2017

Deck:  The Renaissance Tarot

Cards Drawn:  Ace of Staves, Knight of Cups, 4 of staves and 4 of Pentacles (inverse)

Forecast:  Here is the deal and it probably sounds crazy but what the hey.  Expect temps on Wednesday to find their way into the middle or even the upper 80s (84 – 88).  This is indicated to me by the Ace of staves (Remember that Staves wands, fire, heat. spirit).  This is contrary to the NOAA forecast for this period so maybe I am crazy.  the other card is the Knight of Cups, or Prince of cups, (Remember Cups equal water, emotion) from my point of view this means weather. Weather in this case is rain.  If  I am not completely out of my mind and temperatures do get as high as I predict then this weather could be severe, lots of rain and potentially damaging winds as well as the potential for hail.  On the back side we should look for only a minor reduction on temperatures and a continuing pressure for rain at the very least.  I would say that there is and equal potential for harsh weather on Thursday.  This is in part encouraged by the inverted four of pentacles which I am taking to mean that the earth, dry conditions will not be a serious force.  If you like thunderstorms whether on your front porch or through a key look out spot, like a window with a good view you might be in luck for a spectacular display of electric and thunder with minimal risk of serious property damage.

You will find that this forecast is that different from NOAA except for higher temps and the potential for hail.

Listen to your Muse and have a better than average day.

Blessed Be.

Romantic Outlook for The House of Cancer

This is a new one for the Tarot and I, I am not sure how this will work, but then every one loves romance so what the hey, right?

First we start with a two card draw to get a sense of what the romantic arena looks like for Cancer over the next roughly 30 days.

Deck:  Hermetic

Sign Cancer.

Cards Drawn: Princess of Wands (inverse) and 4 of Swords (inverse)

I am a Cancer, just for the record.  What can I say, I think it is a mixed bag romance wise for Cancer over the next 30n days.  The Princess of Wands is a key card and she looks unfriendly.  Wands are fire signs and that includes, Leo, Aries and Sagittarius.

If it sounds like shit it probably is.

During this 30 day period Cancers should remain wary of these individuals.  Generally It is possible to find a new friend or potential romantic liaison but the intellect is adverse to such relations at this time.  It could be a time to find new social relations through clubs, community organizations or even volunteering.  This Summer is not the Summer for Cancer, think minefield.

Other Water Signs:  Pisces and Scorpio

Cards Drawn:  The Emperor (4 of Major Arcana) and The Princess of Cups (inverse)

If sex is all you want then this is a good time for the other water signs to make their move.  The Inverted Princess of Cups is a warning to any one seeking a mature emotionally satisfying relationship.  The timing for such things is off.  This is a meat market buffet.  Remember that when in the world looking for an others company, if you expect a physical relationship then you won’t be disappointed but if you want more then this is not the time.

All Other Signs

Cards Drawn:  The Devil (15 Major Arcana, inverse) and 3 of Wands

Okay, this might sound a bit weird.  Generally, in my experience, the Devil card largely signifies that just because a thing or and act is unnatural doesn’t mean that it is evil.  But in this case the Devil is inverted and that kind of throws me.  The three of wands is close to the root of the spirit and of fire, think sexual heat.  The idea that two are perfectly matched in form and spirit and have little of no regard for the sexual norms of whatever region they may inhabit.  As I think about it, I am forced to ask the reader a question, do you want to take a walk on the wild side?  If not then stay home, in the shadows and out of sight as much as possible.  If yes, then get out and meet people.  If you are willing to suspend judgement and let animal attraction be your guide you might find these 30 days far more entertaining than any Hollywood movie.

As always, listen to your Muse and have a better than average day.

The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

Region:  South (Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee., and Kentucky.)

Date(s):  Wednesday June 14, Thursday June 15 and Friday June 16, 2017.

Deck:  The Hermetic Tarot

Cards Drawn:  10 of Pentacles, Ace of Cups (inverse), 4 of Swords (inverse), 5 of Pentacles (inverse), Knight of Swords and The Foolish Man (0 of Major Arcana, inverse)

Forecast:  Expect dry and warm conditions to persist with above average humidity for this time of year.  Special note along the Atlantic sea board where temperatures will be at or below seasonal averages. Also expect cooler conditions in the Ozarks with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies.   Skies will range from clear to partly cloudy with gentle generally westerly breezes.  These light breezy conditions will begin falling off on Thursday as a weak cold front stalls over the lower Ohio valley or the Tennessee valley.  Watch for air quality alerts especially in major metropolitan areas late Thursday and more so on Friday.  The possibility of passing popcorn showers and rare thunderstorms on Friday from the lee side of the Ozarks through Mississippi and Alabama as Winds take a south south westerly flow.  This wind pattern will persist through the weekend bringing warmer to hotter conditions with a general increase in humidity but I do not expect any serious increase in wet weather.  Partly Sunny conditions will begin clearing.  I do not expect real heat to begin building until possibility late over the weekend.

I don’t know much about the weather patterns in this region so I am kind of spit balling hear.  Let’s just see what happens.

May the Muses be with you and have a better than average day.

The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

Region:  North Western Ohio, North Central Ohio, North Eastern Ohio and Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Date of Forecast:  Thursday, June 8, 2017

Deck:  Native American

Cards Drawn:  Patriarch of Vessels (inverse, King of Cups) and 4 of Tomahawks (Swords)

Forecast:  I think I have been misinterpreting the Tomahawks in my own mind by equating them to wands when I should have been thinking swords.  At any rate, I would expect the skies and conditions to show rain but there will be none over this twenty four hour period.  Clouds should persist for most of the day becoming partly cloudy or even clear from west to east by late evening.  There is a possibility that winds could persist still shaking up coastal conditions and encouraging rip currents along the coast through mid day on Thursday.  Winds should die down by mid to late afternoon from west to east over the day and change direction to a easterly then south easterly flow over night.  Temperatures should remain in the middle to upper 60s (65-68) for highs during the day with warming occurring over night with lows between the middle and upper 50s (56-59) look for warmer temperatures inland from the lake and in the western most regions.

Probably a good day for indoor activities.

Have a better than average day.

Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Try and predict which side of a Lays Classic Potato Chip has the most salt on it.  I have chosen Lays Brand chips because in my own experience the difference in the amount of salt from one side to the other is very noticeable.  If you can find some other chip that works for you then don’t let my recommendation keep you making your own choice.  The process is simple, focus on the act and keep the desire of tasting the salter of the two sides first, choose a chip and eat it, if you have made the right choice you should know immediately, don’t stop with one though.  The process must be repeated.  The participant should concentrate on and carry out the process with deliberate intent  My Calculations and the Calculations of other people state that after ten thousand hours of practice any individual should have attained expert status.

If you are going to eat the chips any way you might as well get something out of it.

May today and tomorrow be better than average days