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The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

Region:  Desert South West (Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California.)

Date(s):  Wednesday June 21, Thursday June 22 and Friday June 23,  2017

Deck:  Native American

Cards Drawn:  7 of Tomahawks (or Blades, inverse), 2 of Vessels, The Fool (0 Major Arcana), Maiden of Blades (inverse), 4 of Vessels (inverse) and The Stars (17 Major Arcana, inverse)

Forecast:  I know very little about the weather patterns around or through out this region, so this should be entertaining, hopefully.  The first pair, the 7 or tomahawks and the 2 or vessels indicate to me both wind and rain.  The 7 of Blades or tomahawks indicates to me wind but nothing extreme, I am thinking winds through out the area will maintain at about 20 to 30 mph so some shit might be blowing around but for desert people and natives to the region it isn’t anything they haven’t seen before while the 2 of vessels is a big rain card.  Rain I am thinking is likely along the Texas coast and the California coast but I wouldn’t expect much that way farther inland.  The 4 of vessels seems to say to me that these rains will continue possibly through out the three days of the forecast for the region.  Will the weather as of Wednesday currently present persist, The Fool says Yes.  The Stars inverse  indicates that these patterns are not likely to change, that the human friendly forces of nature are not in play at this time.

So buckle up and be prepared.  If it is hot then it will stay hot, if it is windy then it will stay windy and if it is raining then then rain should persist at least through Thursday, possibly Friday.

If this isn’t your favorite weather all I can say is I am sorry.

Otherwise, have a better than average day.


The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

Region:  South (Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee., and Kentucky.)

Date(s):  Wednesday June 14, Thursday June 15 and Friday June 16, 2017.

Deck:  The Hermetic Tarot

Cards Drawn:  10 of Pentacles, Ace of Cups (inverse), 4 of Swords (inverse), 5 of Pentacles (inverse), Knight of Swords and The Foolish Man (0 of Major Arcana, inverse)

Forecast:  Expect dry and warm conditions to persist with above average humidity for this time of year.  Special note along the Atlantic sea board where temperatures will be at or below seasonal averages. Also expect cooler conditions in the Ozarks with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies.   Skies will range from clear to partly cloudy with gentle generally westerly breezes.  These light breezy conditions will begin falling off on Thursday as a weak cold front stalls over the lower Ohio valley or the Tennessee valley.  Watch for air quality alerts especially in major metropolitan areas late Thursday and more so on Friday.  The possibility of passing popcorn showers and rare thunderstorms on Friday from the lee side of the Ozarks through Mississippi and Alabama as Winds take a south south westerly flow.  This wind pattern will persist through the weekend bringing warmer to hotter conditions with a general increase in humidity but I do not expect any serious increase in wet weather.  Partly Sunny conditions will begin clearing.  I do not expect real heat to begin building until possibility late over the weekend.

I don’t know much about the weather patterns in this region so I am kind of spit balling hear.  Let’s just see what happens.

May the Muses be with you and have a better than average day.

The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

Region:  North Western Ohio, North Central Ohio, North Eastern Ohio and Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Date of Forecast:  Thursday, June 8, 2017

Deck:  Native American

Cards Drawn:  Patriarch of Vessels (inverse, King of Cups) and 4 of Tomahawks (Swords)

Forecast:  I think I have been misinterpreting the Tomahawks in my own mind by equating them to wands when I should have been thinking swords.  At any rate, I would expect the skies and conditions to show rain but there will be none over this twenty four hour period.  Clouds should persist for most of the day becoming partly cloudy or even clear from west to east by late evening.  There is a possibility that winds could persist still shaking up coastal conditions and encouraging rip currents along the coast through mid day on Thursday.  Winds should die down by mid to late afternoon from west to east over the day and change direction to a easterly then south easterly flow over night.  Temperatures should remain in the middle to upper 60s (65-68) for highs during the day with warming occurring over night with lows between the middle and upper 50s (56-59) look for warmer temperatures inland from the lake and in the western most regions.

Probably a good day for indoor activities.

Have a better than average day.

The Internet Tarot Weather Dude’s Alien (E.T) Invasion Forecast

This sounded like a good idea when it was suggested to me, but, I have no idea how to implement it.  How can I pull a couple of cards or several cards and make sense of them in this context.  It’s kind of screwing with my head just a little.  Really I am spit balling here… I mean is Alien invasion even possible in the first case?  I have no real idea but I like to think of myself as an optimist and that anything is possible.  Then, of course there is probable.  Probability is largely based on expectation whether that expectation is logical, philosophical, mathematical or experiential.  In the end it is our past experiences (whether real or imagined) that shape or expectations of the future.  The view of possibilities 600 years ago are worlds different than our view of possibilities today so in the broadest sense of wide eyed credulity I guess it is possible.  None of that really matters any way as this is more of an experiment.  Just a test of creativity and problem solving so lets give it a whirl.

Date(s):  Monday June 5 through Sunday night July 2, 2017.

Deck:  Hermetic

Cards Drawn:  9 of Pentacles (disks or coins, inverse) and The Chariot (7 Major Arcana or Trumps)

Invasion Forecast:  No chance.  But with the nine of pentacles a most material plane monetary influence, or other base interests and the Chariot which stands as a vehicle for another cause expect the chatter on various websites, radio, you tube or even Television (I know, right?) to capitalize on rising east/west tensions by creating a lot more chatter on the topics of The Illuminati/NWO, Alien agenda, luciferian agenda and any other notion of foreign gods conspiracies and strange beings/Giants as a move to profit off of rising fears.  Take everything with a large grain of salt and try and have a good time.

As always, have a better than average day

The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

I am developing more and more respect for the National  Oceanic and Atmospheric  Administration through this exercise.  Whether you accept climate change and its causes or are opposed or happen to fall some where in the middle.  the growing unreliability exhibited by NOAA of these passed couple of years has had to struck you as odd.  Just like this last week end.

None of this is either here or there right at this moment and its time to get down to business.

Region:  North Western Ohio, North Central Ohio, North Eastern Ohio and North Western Pennsylvania.

Date(s):  Tuesday, 6 and Wednesday, 7 2017

Deck::  The Hermetic Tarot

Cards Drawn:  King of Pentacles (or Disks), Ace of Pentacles (inverse), 10 of Pentacles (again Disks if you rather) and the Hanged Man (12 Major Arcana or Trump)

Forecast:  Pentacles, lots and lots of Pentacles, not only Pentacles but two root cards the King and The Ace both of which indicate to me in this context root forces.  Many of you already know that Pentacles represent, among other things the North and The Earth.  I am going to interpret this as North or Northerly winds (North East, North or North west of some combination there of) and generally dry conditions.  Think early to mid fall or early to mid spring.  The 10 of Pentacles reinforces this feeling.   To keep it simple what ever weather you see on Tuesday will be the same weather you see on Wednesday.  Highs will be running from the low to mid 60s (63 – 67) with warmer temperatures in the far west and cooler temperatures in the far east.  Lows will be roughly about 10 to 12 degrees lower depending on cloud cover.  Expect partly to mostly or even cloudy skies though this condition is changeable.  Winds will run between 10 to 15mph during this period and chances of rain will be low.  Where rain occurs there will be no risk of severe weather and the showers will be quickly passing  The Hanged Man is the card that is pulling a real mambo on my brain.  I’m going to run on the notion of life in suspension on the notion of conditions remaining unchanged for some time and state simply that this weather pattern, as previously described, should hold for the better part of a week and don’t expect any major change until at least Friday.

I love grey days and hope you do too.  Enjoy the break on your electric bill.

Have a better than average day.

The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

Region:  North Western Ohio, North Central Ohio, North eastern Ohio and North Western  Pennsylvania.

Date(s):  Saturday, June 3, Sunday, June 4, and Monday, June 5 2017.

Deck:  Native American Tarot

Cards Drawn:  5 hatchets, Hosteen Coyote (inverse), Chief of Shields (inverse), 2 Union (major Arcana), 1 of vessels and 10 Medicine Wheel (Major Arcana, inverse).

Forecast:  expect growing cloud cover and increased winds on Saturday (wind speed general between 10 and 20 mph from the South or South West).  The Hosteen Coyote has shown up again and this cards messes with me a bit.  I tend to see it as a cross between the law giver, the Magician and the Trickster.  This being the case in my mind I going to call for showers with isolated thunder storms (60% chance) and warm conditions over night lows in the low 60s (59 – 62) with mostly cloudy skies generally though patches of fewer clouds would indicate a lower temperature.  It stands to reason in my mind that highs on Saturday should be in the mid to upper 70s (76 – 79) with increasing humidity though this shouldn’t be incredibly oppressive   Mostly cloudy conditions on Sunday with an increasing chance of an isolated thunder Storm through out the day and most certainly by late evening (30% to 80%) .  Expect slightly cooler conditions in the wake of these rains.  Wet weather should have cleared out by from early to late Monday morning from west to east across the region with clearing skies and cooler temperatures in the lower to middle 60s ((65 -68) and lows, depending on cloud cover from the low to mid 50s (52 56)/

Monday should be a decent day for any fun outdoor activities.  Could be a good day for a date with a special someone or a family outing

Have a better than average weekend.

The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

Region:  North Western Ohio, North Central Ohio, North Eastern Ohio and Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Date: Thursday, June 1 2017

Deck:  Hermetic Tarot

Cards Drawn:  The Magician (1 major Arcana, inverse) and the Princess of Cups

Forecast:  Expect the skies to turn from partly cloudy to cloud/mostly cloudy by night time today.  High temperatures through out the regions should be in the middle seventies (72 – 75) with the highest temperatures being in the western most parts of the region.  High temperatures are dependent on the timing as to when the skies become overcast.  Mostly cloudy/cloudy conditions earlier in the day will knock a degree or two off the high.  Low temperatures by dawn Friday should be in the upper 60s (67 – 69).  There will be a gentle southerly to southwesterly breeze through out the day as winds will increase slightly (10 – 15mph) late.  There is a marginal chance of rain (30%) over night.

All in all tomorrow should be a nice day if you don’t mind grey skies.

Have a better than average day

The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

Still haven’t quite got this weather prognostication nailed down yet so I think I’ll try something a bit different.

Region:  New England  (Eastern New York, NH, VT, Mass, Conn, RI & Maine.)

Date:  Wednesday, May 31, Thursday June 1 and Friday June 2 2017

Deck:  Native American Tarot

Cards Drawn:  The Stars (17 Major Arcana), Hosteen Coyote (1 Major Arcana), 5 of Pipes (inverse), 8 of Pipes (inverse), 6 of Pipes (inverse) and Chief of Pipes (inverse)

Forecast:  The art on each card has a pleasing primitive quality though I have no idea who the artist is.  There was a time I cold almost relate to this deck but that was over thirty years ago if memory serves.  Expect disturbed cloudy conditions over Vermont Southern and Central Maine and parts of Massachusetts today there is the possibility of severe weather particularly thunderstorms and temperatures under the clouds should be about or slightly warmer than average.  This disturbed weather should continue to move over the next day.  Clearing will begin in Eastern New York and Move towards the east over the three day period.  Other wise mostly to Partly cloudy.  Winds gentle from the south, south west and west over the three day period with the possibility of off shore winds along the coast.  There are a lot of Pipers in this reading (think Wands or Staves) and I have been associating these with heat but they are all also inverted so expect cooler than average temperatures through out the region during the day and average or slightly higher than average temperatures during the night when the skies are cloudy.

I hope everyone stays safe and I expect you will have a nice Saturday coming up so enjoy.  All bets are off on Sunday.

Have a better than average day today.

The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

It looks like my weekend tarot forecast was off by about 12 to 18 hours but Memorial day still turned out decent.  When you first don’t succeed try try again.

Region:  North western Ohio, North Central Ohio, North Eastern Ohio and North Western Pennsylvania.

Date of the forecast:  Tuesday, May 30 and Wednesday, May 31 2017

Deck:  Renaissance Tarot Deck

Cards Drawn:  3 of Cups, The World (Inverted), 9 of Staves and The Lovers

Forecast:  The card that throws me in this spread is the World (inverted), it causes me to doubt that the skies will clear in the truest sense meaning that over Tuesday certainly and possibly Wednesday the skies will be either hazy or mostly cloudy with moments of partly cloudy.  I am expecting these two days to stay dry or though the 3 of cups lends to the possibility of rain I would have to say that it is slight and will occur mostly likely at night as temperature drops.  Tuesdays highs will hover around 70 – 72 though warmer in North Western Ohio and cooler in Northwestern Pennsylvania with nightly lows around 58 – 60.  Warming on Wednesday with highs between 75 – 77 again warmer in Northwestern Ohio and cooler in North Western Pennsylvania.  There will be a general increase in wind speed to between 15 and 25, direction generally westerly and Northerly though probably Westerly and southerly by Wednesday, mph expect higher gusts by Wednesday.

It looks to me again that both days would be nice for out doors activities.

Have a better than average day.

The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

If practice makes perfect, well I got a long way to go.  So here’s my next try.

Region:  North Western Ohio, North Central Ohio, North Eastern Ohio and North Western Pennsylvania.

Date:  Friday, May 26 2017

Deck:  Native American Tarot

Cards Drawn:  The Trapper (2 of Pipes) and Defiance (9 of Pipes)

Forecast:  The art of this deck, though colorful, has always been a bit foreign to me.  The imagery always throws me mentally but the deck its self inspires strange imagery in the front of my mind.  Some times these flashes come with strong impressions.  So for the region forecast look for clearing skies from east to west and rising temperatures, highs in the west of the region some where in the middle 70s (74 – 77) following to the far East of the region somewhere around 70 (69 -71).  Lows ranging from around 60 (58-61) in the west to middle to upper 50s (53-57) in the east.  Winds should be shifting to the West Northwest over the course of the day but say around 5 mph  don’t expect a strong increase in wind speed over the forecast period.

It should be a all around decent middle spring day,

Be blessed.