All Hallow’s Night

My Bones remind me that time has passed

It seems like only a day has blown by

The calendar says otherwise

This night I look for the Moon

Hoping to see her dark form pregnant

There are within possibilities untold

This is the first full night

of the time between time

The space empty except

Moments, reflections, shadow’s shades and memories

of things that were yet are not

of things that are not but may yet be

This is the time before winter’s hard hush

When the cold winds  draw one in

Closer to the fire

to those moments yet to come

to one’s own moment of not

and of having had been

When I too become a shade or shadow

So in quiet reverence of the moment

of not being

I remember those who were

Their shadowy shade

In hopes that some day someone will do the same for me

When I was

But am not

The interminable wheel keeps turning

and she is always watching over us all

Always in the sky these dark nights

Always full of unknowable possibilities

Distant, coolly lighting our way


Through the unknown


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