Web Psyche

Standing in the crushing cold pitch

lightless night in grey soles


cool air breezes past the unguarded ear


thousands of voices indistinct

a thunder haunting with faint meaning

The pressure of a million eyes

unseen peering into ones hidden thoughts

I have to ask

about the soothing subtle nature of being human

something binds us in the ties and chains of the moment

lost in a sea of unknowing

we understand violence

cold fear, hate and rage

Love is nothing more than a sales pitch

We have the power of gods of a lesser sort

Like a child holding a gun on a playground

with more bullets than it can carry

we have armies, jet bombers and war heads


carrying death in our hands

The subtle ties talking darkly

or lightly

do we have to choose

between the piece

and the puzzle

can we not find another option

in the end it doesn’t matter

might still makes right

and on occasion

mutual back scratching may be involved

I hope the atheists are right

that there is no here after

imagine the surprise

when consequences exist for us all

as right and wrong supercede

legal and illegal

I don’t think any one will find it funny


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