The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

Region:  North Western Ohio, North Central Ohio, North Eastern Ohio and Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Date of Forecast:  Friday June 30th and Saturday July 1 2017

Deck:  Native American

Cards Drawn:  1 of Vessels, Chief of Vessels (or King of Cups), 6 of Vessels (inverse) and 7 of Pipes.

Forecast:  Rain, rain and more rain on Friday especially or my timing might be off and Saturday ends up being the wettest day.  I except the temps to linger in the low to mid 80s (83 – 86) depending on cloud cover and the volume of rain as well as urban verse rural.  The far east should be cooler than the far western parts of the region.  I think there will be a bit of wind (moderate 10 to 20mph, generally westerly to north westerly) though the cards don’t call for it specifically, but nothing to get freaked about and the chance of severe weather is close to nothing.  My windows are already rattling a little bit.  I think the winds might fall off as the rain finally moves out of the area.

I’ve been a bit off lately so this entire forecast is in all probability pooched, but what to do?

If you like grey days and wet weather with a bit of thunder then the next two days could be for you.

Have  better than average day either way.

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