The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

I hope Everyone had a better than average weekend and that your loved ones are safe and well.  It seems that Summer came in with a roar of heat in late May and early June and I think it foreshadows the coming long Summer months.  Technically the first Day of Summer is just a few days away here in the Northern Hemisphere.  At any rate, here goes a whole lot of nothing.

Region:  North Western Ohio, North Central Ohio, North Eastern Ohio and North Western Pennsylvania.

Date(s):  Tuesday June 19 and Wednesday June 20, 2017

Deck:  Renaissance

Cards Drawn:  3 of Cups (inverse), The Fool (0 of the Major Arcana, inverse), The Empress (III of the Major Arcana) and 6 of Swords (inverse).

Forecast:  Here again I have pulled four cards from the Renaissance deck and three of the are inverted, also two of them are Major Arcana.  So what do I get from these cards.  I am thinking that conditions should be generally dry and cool with low humidity over the next two days.  Cooler is more like with high temperatures in the low 80s (19 – 83).  Remember more sun mixed with more concrete means higher temperatures especially in large cities.  Rain is unlikely as the inverted  3 of cups shows us.  Winds will be light (5 – 10mph) and from either the north or the east mostly likely easterly in the far east to more northerly in the far west.  I am expecting generally clear to partly cloudy skies and the next couple of days could be ideal for outdoor activities.  Check around large cities for air quality if you have respiratory concerns.  Will this batch of comfortable Summer weather last much passed the next two days?  The inverted Fool says no so get ready for a warm up later in the week.

Try and have a better than average day and may the muse tickle your fancy.

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