The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

Region: North Western Ohio, North Central Ohio, North Eastern Ohio and North Western Pennsylvania.

Date(s):  Saturday  the 17th of June, Sunday the 18th of June and Monday the 19th of June, 2017.

Deck:  The Hermetic

Cards Drawn:  Knight of Swords (inverse), 9 of Pentacles (inverse), 8 of Pentacles (inverse), 6 of Pentacles. Princess of Wands and the Wheel of Fortune (10 Major Arcana).

Forecast:  Look for generally dry conditions through out the weekend and into Monday, all those Pentacles, Pentacles every where, but some are inverted which I take to mean the potential for moisture.  If this is so then I am thinking higher humidity and hazy conditions through Sunday with otherwise partly cloudy to partly sunny conditions.  Chances of Rain are low with a slight chance of thunder (20% chance on Saturday and Sunday during the day.  The Knight of Swords (inverted remember) says to me wind, but light (under 10 mph) and fading to still conditions by Monday.  The Princess of Wands and the Wheel of Fortune seem to be at odds with each other through Major Arcana are generally the more influential of cards when paired with Minor Arcana.  I am thinking that temperatures will remain in the upper 80s (85 – 89) through Sunday with a some possibility of passing showers or maybe even thunder on Sunday night (50% tops).  Don’t expect much as the pressure and temperature gradients do not appear great enough.  Look for cooling conditions to begin setting up on Monday (78 – 82) that should persist through he first half of the week.

Things could be a lot less tolerable like in California and the Mid west.  Seems the Gods of climate are smiling on this region a bit.

Have a better than average weekend.


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