The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

It has been one of those days, I hope all is well where ever you maybe.

Region:  North Western Ohio, North Central Ohio, North Western Ohio and North Western Pennsylvania.

Date:  Friday June 16, 2017.

Deck:  Native American

Cards Drawn:  6 of Tomahawks and 1 of Pipes.

Forecast:  This Deck still throws me a bit.  Firstly I think that Temperatures over this twenty four hour period with range in the mid to upper 80s (85 – 89) on the high side with lows in the upper 60s (67 – 70) on the low end.  Nightly lows in cloudy areas might not make it into the 60s at all, in those conditions I am thinking lower seventies (70 – 73).  My impression of the temperatures is primarily drawn from the 1 of Pipes (Think Wands or Staves, South, fire).   Look for skies to range from partly cloudy to mostly cloudy with higher temperatures accompanying heavier cloud cover especially at night.  Easterly to North easterly winds will build through the day to mildly breezy (10 – 15mph) conditions during the day and over night.  The 6 of Tomahawks (Think swords, East, air,) is where I draw the impression of the breezy conditions from.  I am thinking clearing conditions over night but this might be spotty rather than region wide.  I don’t see any wet or rain in the forecast but I can’t completely rule it out so I put the odds of wet weather at less than 10%.  I don’t foresee any severe weather either.

If you like warm and humid than this could be enjoyable weather for you.  Not a day for sun worshiping.

Otherwise have a better than average day.

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