The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

Region:  North Western Ohio, North Central Ohio, North Eastern Ohio and North Western Pennsylvania.

Date:  Thursday, June 15th 2017

Deck:  Renaissance Tarot

Cards Drawn:  6 of Cups and 10 of Cups

Forecast:  I think my Wednesday forecast for this region was more than a bit off but say la vie say la gar (Only heard it said so forgive my slaughtered spelling) but at any rate what can I say for Thursday in this forecast region.  Two cards, both from the realm of cups, both pulled obverse.  Rain, rain and more rain over the twenty four hour period from midnight tonight until midnight Thursday.  There may be some thunder but it will feel like a gentle mid summer thunderstorm and it may linger.  Chance of severe weather is slim as neither the pressure gradient nor the temperature gradient appear to be that great.  Otherwise cloudy through out the period with a mild generally North by Easterly breeze (less than 5 mph).

May the Muse be with you and have a better than average day.

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