The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

I am developing more and more respect for the National  Oceanic and Atmospheric  Administration through this exercise.  Whether you accept climate change and its causes or are opposed or happen to fall some where in the middle.  the growing unreliability exhibited by NOAA of these passed couple of years has had to struck you as odd.  Just like this last week end.

None of this is either here or there right at this moment and its time to get down to business.

Region:  North Western Ohio, North Central Ohio, North Eastern Ohio and North Western Pennsylvania.

Date(s):  Tuesday, 6 and Wednesday, 7 2017

Deck::  The Hermetic Tarot

Cards Drawn:  King of Pentacles (or Disks), Ace of Pentacles (inverse), 10 of Pentacles (again Disks if you rather) and the Hanged Man (12 Major Arcana or Trump)

Forecast:  Pentacles, lots and lots of Pentacles, not only Pentacles but two root cards the King and The Ace both of which indicate to me in this context root forces.  Many of you already know that Pentacles represent, among other things the North and The Earth.  I am going to interpret this as North or Northerly winds (North East, North or North west of some combination there of) and generally dry conditions.  Think early to mid fall or early to mid spring.  The 10 of Pentacles reinforces this feeling.   To keep it simple what ever weather you see on Tuesday will be the same weather you see on Wednesday.  Highs will be running from the low to mid 60s (63 – 67) with warmer temperatures in the far west and cooler temperatures in the far east.  Lows will be roughly about 10 to 12 degrees lower depending on cloud cover.  Expect partly to mostly or even cloudy skies though this condition is changeable.  Winds will run between 10 to 15mph during this period and chances of rain will be low.  Where rain occurs there will be no risk of severe weather and the showers will be quickly passing  The Hanged Man is the card that is pulling a real mambo on my brain.  I’m going to run on the notion of life in suspension on the notion of conditions remaining unchanged for some time and state simply that this weather pattern, as previously described, should hold for the better part of a week and don’t expect any major change until at least Friday.

I love grey days and hope you do too.  Enjoy the break on your electric bill.

Have a better than average day.

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