The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

Region:  North Western Ohio, North Central Ohio, North eastern Ohio and North Western  Pennsylvania.

Date(s):  Saturday, June 3, Sunday, June 4, and Monday, June 5 2017.

Deck:  Native American Tarot

Cards Drawn:  5 hatchets, Hosteen Coyote (inverse), Chief of Shields (inverse), 2 Union (major Arcana), 1 of vessels and 10 Medicine Wheel (Major Arcana, inverse).

Forecast:  expect growing cloud cover and increased winds on Saturday (wind speed general between 10 and 20 mph from the South or South West).  The Hosteen Coyote has shown up again and this cards messes with me a bit.  I tend to see it as a cross between the law giver, the Magician and the Trickster.  This being the case in my mind I going to call for showers with isolated thunder storms (60% chance) and warm conditions over night lows in the low 60s (59 – 62) with mostly cloudy skies generally though patches of fewer clouds would indicate a lower temperature.  It stands to reason in my mind that highs on Saturday should be in the mid to upper 70s (76 – 79) with increasing humidity though this shouldn’t be incredibly oppressive   Mostly cloudy conditions on Sunday with an increasing chance of an isolated thunder Storm through out the day and most certainly by late evening (30% to 80%) .  Expect slightly cooler conditions in the wake of these rains.  Wet weather should have cleared out by from early to late Monday morning from west to east across the region with clearing skies and cooler temperatures in the lower to middle 60s ((65 -68) and lows, depending on cloud cover from the low to mid 50s (52 56)/

Monday should be a decent day for any fun outdoor activities.  Could be a good day for a date with a special someone or a family outing

Have a better than average weekend.

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