The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

Region:  North Western Ohio, North Central Ohio, North Eastern Ohio and Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Date: Thursday, June 1 2017

Deck:  Hermetic Tarot

Cards Drawn:  The Magician (1 major Arcana, inverse) and the Princess of Cups

Forecast:  Expect the skies to turn from partly cloudy to cloud/mostly cloudy by night time today.  High temperatures through out the regions should be in the middle seventies (72 – 75) with the highest temperatures being in the western most parts of the region.  High temperatures are dependent on the timing as to when the skies become overcast.  Mostly cloudy/cloudy conditions earlier in the day will knock a degree or two off the high.  Low temperatures by dawn Friday should be in the upper 60s (67 – 69).  There will be a gentle southerly to southwesterly breeze through out the day as winds will increase slightly (10 – 15mph) late.  There is a marginal chance of rain (30%) over night.

All in all tomorrow should be a nice day if you don’t mind grey skies.

Have a better than average day

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