The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

Still haven’t quite got this weather prognostication nailed down yet so I think I’ll try something a bit different.

Region:  New England  (Eastern New York, NH, VT, Mass, Conn, RI & Maine.)

Date:  Wednesday, May 31, Thursday June 1 and Friday June 2 2017

Deck:  Native American Tarot

Cards Drawn:  The Stars (17 Major Arcana), Hosteen Coyote (1 Major Arcana), 5 of Pipes (inverse), 8 of Pipes (inverse), 6 of Pipes (inverse) and Chief of Pipes (inverse)

Forecast:  The art on each card has a pleasing primitive quality though I have no idea who the artist is.  There was a time I cold almost relate to this deck but that was over thirty years ago if memory serves.  Expect disturbed cloudy conditions over Vermont Southern and Central Maine and parts of Massachusetts today there is the possibility of severe weather particularly thunderstorms and temperatures under the clouds should be about or slightly warmer than average.  This disturbed weather should continue to move over the next day.  Clearing will begin in Eastern New York and Move towards the east over the three day period.  Other wise mostly to Partly cloudy.  Winds gentle from the south, south west and west over the three day period with the possibility of off shore winds along the coast.  There are a lot of Pipers in this reading (think Wands or Staves) and I have been associating these with heat but they are all also inverted so expect cooler than average temperatures through out the region during the day and average or slightly higher than average temperatures during the night when the skies are cloudy.

I hope everyone stays safe and I expect you will have a nice Saturday coming up so enjoy.  All bets are off on Sunday.

Have a better than average day today.

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