Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Try and predict which side of a Lays Classic Potato Chip has the most salt on it.  I have chosen Lays Brand chips because in my own experience the difference in the amount of salt from one side to the other is very noticeable.  If you can find some other chip that works for you then don’t let my recommendation keep you making your own choice.  The process is simple, focus on the act and keep the desire of tasting the salter of the two sides first, choose a chip and eat it, if you have made the right choice you should know immediately, don’t stop with one though.  The process must be repeated.  The participant should concentrate on and carry out the process with deliberate intent  My Calculations and the Calculations of other people state that after ten thousand hours of practice any individual should have attained expert status.

If you are going to eat the chips any way you might as well get something out of it.

May today and tomorrow be better than average days

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