The internet Tarot Weather Dude

Region:  North Western Ohio, North Central Ohio, North Eastern Ohio and North Western Pennsylvania.

Dates:  Saturday the 27th, Sunday the 28th and Monday the 29 of May, 2017

Deck:  The Hermetic Tarot Deck

Cards Drawn:  The Empress, Justice (Inverted), Eight of Swords, Two of cups, The Star and Ten of Wands (Inverted).

Forecast:  Again the active yet austere black and white illustrations always leave me with strong impressions.  the presence of three cards from the Major Arcana in a six card draw indicate to me an element of predictability or chaos.  Normally if I were reading for a single person this prevalence of Trumps (Major Arcana) would simply indicate that events are set or outside of the individuals control so.  Watch on Saturday for the most part and early Sunday through to about noon for the potential of localized severe weather, thunderstorms or tornado watches/warnings are likely in the forecast region tending towards the far western reaches.  Again, these severe events will be localized and sporadic.  Rain should be expected through out this period for the forecast region rainfall amounts ranging from .10 to .25 of an inch, higher amounts possible in and around thunderstorms.  Temperatures on Saturday should be in the low to middle 70s (71 – 74) and lows in the lower 60s (50 – 62)  warmest temperatures in North west Ohio and the coolest in Northwestern Pennsylvania.  From mid- day Sunday through Monday expect clearing conditions and a slight cooling trend temperature wise and the potential for a light breeze (5 – 10 mph) from a generally north to north westerly direction.  Memorial day should be an all around nice day for any out door gathering in the Forecast Region.  There is also the possibility (50% chance) of Fog Saturday morning along the lake shore and in the hills in North Western Pennsylvania.

Be Blessed

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