The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

Let us try this again.

Region:  Northwestern Ohio, North Central Ohio, Northeastern Ohio and Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Date:  Thursday,  May 25 2017

Deck:  Renaissance Tarot Deck

Cards Drawn:  Queen of Staves (inverse), Seven of Cups (inverse)


Forecast:  The washed out colors of the art of this deck leaves little as impressions go.  What does strike me is wind or lack there off and water as in rain.  So here goes nothing for the day tomorrow.  High temperatures from upper sixties to low seventies (68 – 71) and lows by dawn in the upper 50s to 60 (57 – 60) except cooler in both cases in North Western Pennsylvania.  Winds falling off to negligible over the course of the day from North Western Ohio to North Western Pennsylvania by early evening.  Rain developing (chance near 100%) in the West and moving east over the course of the afternoon and into night, rain may be heavy at times.  The risk of severe weather is nominal.  Expect both the Sun and the moon to be cloaked by heavy clouds during this twenty four hour period.

Its a great day to curl up with either a book or a movie and someone special.  Be Blessed.

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