The Internet Tarot Weather Dude

So far so good, let’s try another.

Region:  North western Ohio, North Central Ohio, North eastern Ohio and North Western Pennsylvania.

Date:  Wednesday, May 24 2017

Deck:   Hermetic Tarot

Cards Drawn:  Seven of Swords (inverse) and The King of Swords.


Forecast:  In my mind as I look at the austere and active black and white cards of the Hermetic Deck I am first struck by the idea that both of these cards indicate air or wind in this particular circumstance.  That being said, expect High Temperatures to linger in the lower 70s (70 – 72) cooler along the lake shore and in the mountains of Northern Pennsylvania and night time lows by dawn Thursday morning to be near sixty (60)s cloud cover will prevent radiational cooling.   There will be growing cloud cover so expect to see little sun,  Cloudy skies will expand from west to east.  Winds will remain around 10 to 15 mph with possibly higher winds in western Pennsylvania.  Possibility of rain is low (20-30% chance) through out the twenty four hour period.  If showers occur they will be spotty and brief at best.  No severe weather should be expected at this time.

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