Internet Tarot Weather Dude

Considering my lack of posts on this blog I have decided to take it in a slightly different direction.  So here goes…

The procedure is simple, I name an area, draw two cards from a yet to be named deck and make some type of prediction about the weather.

Region: Northern Ohio and north western Pennsylvania.

Date of Forecast:  Tuesday May 23, 2017

Deck: Native American

Cards Drawn:  one Pipes and  the Trump Justice

Forecast:  High temperatures in the middle to upper 70s  (74- 77)  though cooler along the lake shore.   Low temperatures in the middle to upper 50s (55-59).  Winds East to South by South East eventually due south by dawn the 24, speed around 10 mph increasing over the night to 15-17mph.  More sun less clouds and no rain expected.  A good day for outdoor activities.

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