The Cycle Continues

I awoke yesterday, like most any day and prepared myself to help Meta with the grocery shopping.  It was in those waking moments that I turned on my radio and it started.  The Boston Marathon, exploding bombs and the babble of radio mouth pieces rattling on about numbers of people hurt or killed, legs and arms blown off spectators and atheletes and this and that always changing and thus began the information void.  I was happy this day that I did’t get television, don’t have a digital adapter and don’t get cable so I was spared the constant grinding repition or the images of suffering people.  They’re people I don’t know but people as much as anybody in my home town.  I began to get that unsettled feeling as speculation was substitued for facts and the screams, subtle at first, but they would get louder, for blood.  “Send the Drones,” or “Turn them into glass,”   the rage would build until very late when I finally turned of the radio and went to bed.  I tried to sleep but it was not easy.

In the next 24 or 48 or maybe 72 hours a perpetrater will be named and the only real question will be answered, was this domestic or foreign in origin or just some NUT JOB.  Again there will be a startling lack of factual information.  We will go and kill some of them and in a short few years they will come back and kill a few more of us.  Its been like this for 6,000 years and my better off and better educated friends tell me that there is much less killing today then there was even a thousand years ago.  Maybe I’m just in a better seat, have a clearer view and I can’t figure out why it hasn’t stopped.  I feel lost on days like these.  It is a hard thing to understand when the only way we seem to settle our differences is still some form of violence, I guess we aren’t quite as high up the evolutionary ladder as we like to think.

What bothers me the most, though, is what happened to North Korea?  Weren’t they about to nuke Japan or Guam or South Korea or something?  I remember the count down, North Korea was gonna denotate that or test this on the eleventh or the twelvth and then finally the fifteenth and there was all this talk of what the American response should be.  Well did they  launch something or blow something up?  If they did such a thiing and the media didn’t report it…then did it happen?  Was any body paying attention?  Or maybe North Korea really isn’t that big if a threat.  Just another horror show monster/shadow to make families everywhere a little bit more frightened.

I just wish the global self inflicted suffering would stop.  I gues that’s why I am crazy.

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